Alliance relies on satisfying our customers to maintain a long-term relationship with them - we are well aware that a quick buck now is a few bucks lost in the future, and there are many “cowboys” out there who will be very happy to lasso too much of your hard-earned money.

Alliance do not employ commission-based salespeople like most companies-we believe the best people to advise you on the relative merits of upgrading your phone system rather than replacing it are the people who actually install the equipment, and have to back-up our promises by personally delivering on the package we recommend.


Don’t be conned!!! No-one actually “needs” to upgrade their phone system to utilise the NBN. In actual fact you can just plug in a 3rd party device called an “IAD/ATA”, and this will convert the NBN data back to normal phone lines that just plug into your old phone system. While an “IAD/ ATA” will almost certainly be the cheapest solution, alliance can advise on the advantages and offer a cost benefit analysis to do an “upgrade” to a new box which replaces your existing box, while utilising your existing handsets, or if there are many more productivity-enhancing features that warrant a total upgrade including new handsets. There are so many options now like voicemail, voice to email messaging, auto-attendant, IP extensions on mobile phones using either wifi (while in the office, home or café etc) or mobile data. These can be very helpful with productivity depending on the nature of your business. We can also offer “hosted” systems where you don’t have to outlay immediately for hardware, but pay “per desk” so that you can grow organically with less upfront expenses. Typically speaking, a system purchased outright by a customer is the best medium/ long term value, but sometimes current finances just won’t allow that. Alliance can also offer rent/ buy terms or pure rent/ lease systems. We can also arrange 3rd party finance for you if you do wish to purchase, but don’t currently have funds

Alliance communications uses Bendigo Telco as its preferred carrier- service provider. Bendigo Telco are a full-service provider offering all standard telephone & data services (NBN, ADSL, VOIP/SIP phone lines, analogue lines, mobile phones) as well as web hosting, VPN’s and much more. They are owned by Bendigo bank and Adelaide bank + ASX shareholders with a similar ethos of supporting community and regional jobs. They have call-centres in Launceston, Bendigo, sunshine coast etc. It is so refreshing to talk to Australian staff that are familiar with your needs and can recognise and act on them quickly! However, alliance communications will work hand-in-hand with your existing service provider if you are/ have been happy with the service they have provided in the past, and would like to keep using them as a reward for their previous good service. Alliance values & respects loyalty for entities that have provided good service, as that is what our business model is based on.


Due to the varying response times required for different situations, alliance offers three main charging rates for work requested where our lowest rate is for non-urgent work that can wait for a week or more, or for our next availability, with our standard rate being for work required within a shorter guaranteed time period (1-5 days), and the highest rate being for urgent call out for possible loss of service etc that needs attending immediately or on the same day. As you would expect there is also a premium for out of hour’s service. We also offer off-site assistance where we can remotely log into your system for minor changes or quick fault rectification (if possible). There are also maintenance contracts available for those customers needing guaranteed quick response times or out of hours fault response.


Alliance is a non-hierarchical entity where we share knowledge, information and feedback from you, the customer utilising our own internal auditing processes to review and improve customer service levels if required being delivered by our members. We also have a strong view on the environment, so our technicians are required to return or take packaging to recycling stations, or re-use it for re-packaging. We are great believers in not creating more landfill on this planet with phones that are perfectly sufficient for your current needs, but will also seek to “re-use” equipment where we can and where it may be sufficient for other customer’s needs.

All being of mature age (45+), alliance communications members bring with them the standards that seem to be mostly yesteryear such as - keeping you informed, tidying up after themselves, respect for your property, manners, and all the things we should expect from professional service people. The members are all there to help each other, so where one member may not have experience with a particular situation, another is always there to bridge the gap. We will not walk away from the “too-hard” situations that seem all too common these days.